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via mala


Via Mala is finally out! Umbra Noctis extreme music has evolved into their vision of unconventional metal, influenced by black metal and rock music, with lyrics in italian language.

Release date April 22, 2017

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old releases
  • NP001 Maestus - Il coraggio di vivere    [TAPE] Sold Out
  • NP002 Fiave - (Omonimo)    [TAPE] Sold Out
  • NP003 Umbra Noctis - Il Richiamo del Vento    [CDR] Sold Out
  • NP004 Umbra Noctis/Gort - SPLIT    [CD] Sold Out
  • NP005 Lord/Near - SPLIT    [TAPE] Sold Out
  • NP006 Italian Tribute to Darkthrone    [CD] Avaiable
  • NP007 Infamous - Of Solitude and Silence    [CD] Avaiable
  • NP008 Permixtio/Ethere - SPLIT    [CDR Carbon Vynil] Avaiable
  • NP009 Umbra Noctis - Il Primo Volo    [CD] Avaiable
  • NPFRB Fearbringer - Tempus Fugit    [CD] (coproduced with arte profana and mal eventum) Avaiable
  • NP010 Einsamtod    [TAPE] Avaiable
  • NP011 Infamous - Abisso    [CD] Avaiable

Novecento Produzioni